Dreams are something that we wish would happen but sometimes feel that they can't happen to us. I wonder, if a dream cannot come true for us, who do they come true for? What if a dream could come true just because we want it to? I can dream and then work toward that dream to make it a reality. If the dream never comes true, I will have explored new possibilities and done things I have not done before. Even if the dream does not become real, I  will be a better person because I tried. If I do not succeed at making a dream come true, I  still succeed at being who I am. Maybe I will fail. Thomas Edison failed many times in inventing the light bulb. Then again, just maybe, I will work hard and the dream will become real. I think that is what scares us the most - it is safer to have a dream that stays kinda fuzzy than to take the chance to do something that is different. But if we do not do something different, we lose the chance to grow into who we are meant to be. So dare to dream. Reach back into the past and dust off those old things you used to wish for. Take a chance! See what can happen when you try something new. I dared to dream. I dusted off an old wish. And that is how Big Elephant Books came into existence. Happy Reading!