When We Stayed Home (Paperback)

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With whimsical illustrations and relatable prose, When We Stayed Home helps young children navigate all of their great big feelings and cheer themselves on during the upheaval of pandemic, honoring their role as the "super-helpers" they are by washing their hands, wearing masks, social distancing and staying home. Along with the family dog as his trusty sidekick, When We Stayed Home's super-helper builds virus-free forts, decorates silly toilet paper-shaped cookies, enjoys screen visits and dance parties with family and friends, and relies on his resourceful creativity and imagination to weather the virus storm. Children ages 3-8 will recognize their own experiences and emotions as they see our super-helper paint endless pictures and draw chalk art, read books and do puzzles, wave hello to masked neighbors, play under a bluer-than-usual sky, and feel all the feelings as they miss school, playgrounds, and friends and family staying at home in their own houses. Inspired by co-author Proffer's resilient five year-old nephew, who continued to find moments of comfort and mirth in home, nature, adventures and activities even while longing for the virus to go far, far away. Co-writer Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist Fass worked with families during the pandemic to maneuver its bumpy road with tools, optimism and hope.

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ISBN: 9781735384412
ISBN-10: 1735384410
Publisher: Huqua Press
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2020
Pages: 50
Language: English