The Adventures of Loki - the Husky: A Child's Emotional Sojourn (Paperback)

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The longer we look into them, the deeper the ocean of possibilities seems to be. In their essence, a baby's eyes are God's ultimate totems of purity, the purity of love.
When the baby grows into a teen and then into an adult, something changes about those eyes. Somehow, they seem to lose the purity of love. It's quite the opposite story when you look at a dog's eyes - they are pure when they are born, they are pure the day they die, and they are pure every day in between. They shower love on humans all through their lives.

However, dogs barely get a chance to show the same unconditional love to their own species, because they live in a human-centric universe where humans call the shots. Someone once said humans need dogs because there is no other way for them to experience pure love.

Has anyone ever wondered how things would be if dogs got to call the shots? Would a dog mother ever let her baby go? Would a pup ever leave her mother's side? Highly unlikely, because in their capacity to love, a human mother is a bear mother, is a whale mother, is a squirrel mother, is a dog mother.

About the Author

Krishna VemuriThe seeds of this book were sown when Krishna's daughter giftedher parents with a dog a year before they became empty-nesters.The unconditional love that the dog showered on Krishna and hisfamily drove him to wishful thinking about what's inside his dog'smind. Dev GuptaA dog companion for nearly ten years, Dev has had the opportunityto study dog behavior very closely. When not writing, Dev is thinking about the things he is going to write next.

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Publication Date: December 8th, 2020
Pages: 162
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